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Turn your Laptop and GPS into a powerful chartplotter, using C-MAP electronic charts and SOB ...

Software On Board

SOB is a Windows™ PC-based navigation program which, when loaded with C-MAP charts and connected to a GPS gives real-time on-screen chart positioning and details such as speed and heading.
More about ECS (Electronic Charting Systems)

Enable additional features and functionality by connecting other on-board NMEA instruments ...ie: AIS, Autopilot, Speed LOG, Sounder, Radar and Wind Instruments.
Compatible instruments



New Version Highlights - SOB v11
NMEA 2000 compatible
Using the Actisense NGT-1 to connect your NMEA 2000 backbone to your PC, SOB can receive NMEA 2000 data.
See here for NMEA 2000 messages
(PGN's) that SOB can process.

Email Alerts
Receive an email if your boat moves a specified distance, or the water depth is shallow or deeper than your settings, or the wind gusts stronger than your preset strength.

Web Tracker and Blog
Upload your position at preset intervals to our Web Tracker site (www.digiboat.us/tracker) for viewing by anyone with an Internet connection.

Add attachments and up to 500 characters of text to your upload to keep a public blog of your journeys. For Mail-A-Sail subscribers, SOB can automatically send your SOB blog to your MailASail blog.

Android companion App SOB Remote connects to SOB via WiFi (Pro version required) for remote instrument display and ship's position on a Google Map.
Find the "SOB Remote" App in the Play Store.

More about SOBv11

SOBv11 Release Notes

SOB on Youtube

Introductory Video for Software-On-Board
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Personal Locator Beacons
Mobilarms' V100 Personal Locator Beacon
This very clever MOB Device is fully integrated with SOB. Simply connect your onboard DSC/VHF Radio to SOB and program the V100 MMSI into the radio for automatic operation. When the V100 triggers a MOB scenario, it will send its GPS coordinates, via DSC, to the radio and SOB will plot the position on the chart as a Target.  (see also www.mobilarm.com)
Raymarine Lifetag

SOB automatically supports the Raymarine LifeTAG man-overboard device. The Lifetag ouputs a specially formatted RMC NMEA sentence containing the lat and long at the time of signal loss. If your Raymarine bus is connected to the PC, then a SOB MOB waypoint will automatically be created as soon as the LifeTAG system sets a Man-Over-Board scenario, and a brief message will be printed to the Messages Panel.
Use the red N2D Panel to return to the splash zone and recover your victim.

SafeLink R10 and SmartFind S10 Survivor Recovery Systems

These devices from Kannad Marine are functionally equivalent to the Mobilarm V100 device. However, instead of sending a DSC Distress message, they utilise the AIS frequency band and send a standard Class B AIS position fix message. In action, this difference could be significant as the AIS message from the SafeLink and SmartFind do not, on their own, necessarily identify a distress scenario, but rather just another AIS target. http://www.kannadmarine.com

  AMEC's Dolphin MOB Device

Another MOB Device fully integrated with SOB. On activation a SOB MOB window will automatically open to assist returning to the LKP (last known position) for quick recovery of the victim. (see also www.alltekmarine.com/eng/home_news_20081021.htm)

CruzPro Instruments supported by SOB.
CruzPro Instruments

Most CruzPro Instruments output NMEA data, SOB includes support for data from instruments such as Tank monitors, Fuel Flow rate senders, RPM, Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature and several others.

We are interested to hear feedback from any users who have interfaced their CruzPro devices with their PC and SOB :  contact us

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"This system is excellent, well thought out and intuitive to use - and I have worked in IT for 30 years!" - Chris, UK

More than 1,000,000 people have trialled SOB over the last ten years, the positive feedback has been overwhelming:

  • "Magnificent Software" - Troels, Germany
  • "A truly magical piece of Software" - Karen, UK 
  • "I can't stop playing with this, it is Great" - Jimi, Australia
  • "This is SO cool" - Peter, Norway

We also pride ourselves on offering superior email support service. This is not "install and ignore" software. We are committed to assisting all our users with setting up and configuring SOB and their instruments for maximum benefit:

  • "Thanks again, your support is out of this world" 
    - Dave, Australia
  • "I appreciate your excellent email support" 
    - Virginia, USA
  • "What an amazing support service! Thank you so much from the Greek Ionian Islands" 
    - Bruno, Italy
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