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Most questions we receive are common issues relating to different Windows' versions, or COM port connections, or typical installation problems etc. 

  • The Quick-FAQ. Short list of typical start-up questions
  • The complete FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). These are taken directly from our support emails and represent questions that are extremely common.
  • The SOB User Manual. This is a very detailed PDF document (Installed with SOB or available as a 20Mb download). It is formatted for A4 size, double-sided colour printing, or can be viewed with Adobe Reader. It includes comprehensive chapters on all SOB's features and functions, plus connecting navigation instruments and networking SOB.
  • Check our FaceBook page to see if your particular problem has been encountered by other users and has already been resolved. You should also post general support questions to FB so others can benefit from your result.


Quick FAQ



  • What is "Priority Support"?
    Is available to all licensed SOB Users and trial users during the period of their trial. We endeavour to respond to Priority Support requests within 24 hours of receipt of your Support Email - and in many cases within minutes. Other support requests will be answered on a queued basis, and if the answer is readily available in the FAQ, on the Forum or in the User Manual, your email may not be responded to.
  • What is SOB
    SOB is a Windows Navigation, Charting and Piloting program. Just load on your laptop, connect a GPS (plus other optional nav instruments) and you have all the power and features (plus much more) of a ChartPlotter.
  • What else do I need for navigating?
    At a minimum a GPS. For extensive use and pilotage, you will need to purchase C-MAP charts for your voyaging area.
  • Where can I demo it?
    Simply download from our website and install for a 30 day full-featured free trial (90 days if Registered). At the end of the trial period, SOB will continue to function as a FREE Lite version unless a User License is purchased.
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  • Where do I buy (license) SOB?
    Purchase from any of our Resellers, or direct from our WebShop.
  • How do I buy C-MAP charts?
    Contact your local C-MAP office and request they send you the NT/PC Chart Selector DVD. Use this DVD to select and purchase the chart(s) of your choice.
  • Where do I ?














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